Why you should not apply to several realtors at the same time

04.02.2017 | Real estate

Not the best situation is when customers who seek for apartments for rent apply immediately in several or even more agencies. Realtors together communicate and quickly will notice such unfair client.

For example, the familiar agents asking each other whether they have an apartment with specific parameters? And they answered:

“Isn’t your client’s name is Mohammed from Israel (Emmanuel from Nigeria, Siddh from India etc)? That person already had applied in over 10 agencies. “

Why you should not apply to several realtors at the same time

!!! Why you should not apply to several realtors at the same time !!!

No one respective agent wants to waste time and go for a drive around the city with someone who has more 10 realtors offer the same apartment. Besides, no one is puzzled to take the time to analyze customer requirements, to nothing inappropriate apartments skip and choose the best and that he needed.

If you are looking for accommodation and addressed to several agencies – you will receive low quality services. Usually after that people write on the Internet, which, they say, “agents are not doing their job,” “I do not call back,” etc. Why is this happening?

Mr Client feels himself little confused

Mr Client feels himself little confused

Imagine: you’ve come to a few agencies, experienced agent, even if you hide it, very quickly understand what’s what. And then, considering that, since the client does not appreciate his time and efforts, due diligence to make the search will stop. And stop calling you or you will find yourself in his view is not a priority client. As a result, a person is left with inexperienced realtor ready to work even for a small percentage, but the work is not being able to.

And considering that all agencies work with the same database and cooperate with each other – find the meaning of apartments with several agents to zero. All the talk about his “secret” base – no more than stories to attract customers.

In addition, some large agencies received from you an application and deciding for yourself what you are to them as a customer are not interested in (again according to the above reason, a non-exclusive operation) can simply “re-sell” it in a public database and then on you will fall the present barrage of calls from different agencies and private realtors … and because you genuinely like the best!

Therefore, it is best to choose one agent / agency and cooperate only with him for many years. But the choice should be approached responsibly and this may still have to call no one agency to find just “your” Realtor.

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