How to rent an apartment

24.03.2017 | Real estate

Some people find it like the optimal solution of the housing. Perhaps not everyone will agree with such arguments, but it has a reason in it. The renter has more features than the owner of the property. Especially when you consider that the market supply significantly exceeds demand.

The foregoing, however, does not eliminate discretion in choosing housing. For example, the low price should not be the main task. Cheap apartments are usually located far from central areas and not always has good infrastructure especially transportation. Renters may face difficulties and lose a lot of time to get to work in the morning and home in the evening. If the everyday way includes several transportation changes (bus, metro), the savings on rent is even more questionable. In this case, it is reasonable to rent an more expensive apartment, but closer to the place of work or study place. It’s also easier to find an apartment through the respective real estate agent. They offers not only information, but also assist in legal procedures.

Before you settle on, you need to make sure that the housing suits its best requirements. The criteria include the following:

• location;
• size of the apartment;
• rooms arrangement (separate);
• type of house (brick, panel);
• floor;
• an elevator;
• available transport nearby;
• internet access, cable television;
• the presence of a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven and other household appliances;
• a set of furniture and it condition etc.

While discussing with the owner of the property lease terms, you need to see clearly what is included in the rent payment, and what requires additional payments. In general, the dialogue between the parties is quite typical: one seeks to bring down the price, and the other is to keep it at the start level.

Whatever the price, the best deal it’s to do everything officially. The agreement should be filled out clearly with the obligations and rights of both parties. For example, the document fix monthly rent sum, including extra charges, rental period, the number of months to which the renter is obliged to pay, the inventory and condition of the property (furniture, appliances, electrical appliances, kitchen utensils), etc.

Also you must know several important points about rent terms in Ukraine:

• it’s forbidden to pay in any foreign money, only Ukrainian Hrivna is allowed as national money or, usually, equivalent of USD;
• it’s necessary to check the documents of the owner of the property to make sure that he/she is the real owner and has the right to put the property for rent, no one else can do that except legal agreement where the owner pass this right to third person filled with notary stamp (it’s very recommended to check only the original documents);
• the owner of the property has not the right to increase the rent price any time during the official term of rent agreement, except the noticing of you at least before one month (in case if you will not accept that to let you find another apartment).

Hope you will find this information useful.

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