Immigration to Ukraine. Short legal instruction.

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Immigration to Ukraine is a process that involves two main stages: obtaining an immigration permit and obtaining a certificate for permanent residence in Ukraine. Permission for immigration can be issued both directly in Ukraine and abroad in the Ukrainian consulate in the country of residence of the foreign citizen. However the certificate of permanent residence is possible to issue only in Ukraine in one of the territorial divisions of the State Migration Service at the place of the forthcoming registration of the foreigner’s residence.

Immigration to Ukraine

Thus, in order to obtain a permanent residence permit, you must first obtain a permit for immigration to Ukraine. Foreigners and stateless persons can immigrate to Ukraine for permanent residence in accordance with the Law on Immigration. According to the Law on the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons, foreigners and stateless persons who immigrated to permanent residence receive a permanent residence permit. Permission for immigration to Ukraine is granted within the immigration quota except for certain categories of people wishing to obtain permanent residence in Ukraine.

How to immigrate to Ukraine

Within the annual immigration quota, immigration permits can be obtained:

– necessary to the country’s cultural and scientific figures, as well as persons who invested in the economy of the state not less than 100 thousand US dollars;

– parents, the spouse of the immigrant and minor children;

– brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter of citizen of our country;

– persons who were previously Ukrainian citizens;

– refugees or persons granted asylum (after 3 years of residence);

– victims of trafficking (after 3 years of status).

Outside the immigration quota, Ukraine immigration permit can be obtained from:

– one of the spouses, if the second of the spouses with whom he is married for more than two years, is a citizen of Ukraine;

– children and parents of Ukrainian citizens;

– persons who have the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin (more details can be found in Article 8 of the Law “On Citizenship”);

– persons who are guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine, or are under the tutelage or guardianship of Ukrainian citizens;

– persons whose immigration is of public interest to Ukraine;

– foreign Ukrainians, spouses of foreign Ukrainians, their children in case of their common entry and stay on the territory of Ukraine.

The most common reasons for obtaining permission to immigrate to Ukraine, are currently:

– marriage with a citizen of Ukraine for more than two years;

– the presence of Ukrainian citizenship in children or parents of a foreigner;

– the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin.

How to get permanent residence permit in Ukraine

The above list of grounds for issuing permission for immigration to Ukraine is exhaustive. Other grounds, in particular such as the availability of real estate on the territory of the country, do not give the right to immigrate to Ukraine.

If there are grounds for immigration to Ukraine, a foreign citizen must apply for immigration to the embassy or consulate of our country (if the person is abroad) or to the local department of the State Migration Service (at the place of residence in Ukraine). Our practical experience shows that it is more practical to formalize an immigration permit within the country, since it takes much less time than to receive it through a consular post.

How to apply for immigration to Ukraine?

1. Collect necessary documents;

2. Contact the Law Office AR MAX GROUP;

3. To arrive at the SMS together with our lawyer and submit the application along with the necessary documents;

4. Get a permit for immigration to Ukraine for the subsequent registration of a certificate of permanent residence in the country.

You can find more details about immigration programs on the following link.

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