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23.04.2018 | Legal

Recently, more and more in the news you can find headlines such as “Investment climate improved,” “Ukraine’s investment attractiveness has increased,” “the borders with Europe have been wiped out,” “and more. But analyzing the demand not only of foreign companies for specialists from Ukraine, specialists from other countries came to us too. That is, it can be argued that it is attracting more and more new projects and investments, foreign experts and specialists come to work in Ukrainian firms and so on. But how to stay in Ukraine legally foreign experts, we will try to understand and consider the issue of entry procedures for foreigners, their invitation to work, obtaining a special permit in more detail.

What is a temporary residence permit and how to get it in Ukraine?

Temporary residence permit is an official document that gives the right to a foreigner and stateless persons (hereinafter referred to as “foreigner”, “foreign citizen”) who has reached the age of 16 for temporary residence in the territory of the state. The specified right is granted to a foreigner on the basis of the Law of Ukraine “On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons”. The certificate is issued for a term of 12 months or more in certain cases, with the possibility of extending the term for the same period. So, let’s consider in more detail the process of selecting the documents and additional actions that must be performed in order to obtain this document.

The following persons and stateless persons should be included in the category of persons who are intended to obtain a certificate of temporary residence:

  1. Persons who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of employment.
  2. Persons participating in the implementation of international technical assistance projects registered in accordance with the established procedure.
  3. Persons who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of preaching religious beliefs, performing religious rites or other canonical activities at the invitation of religious organizations and in agreement with the state body that registered the relevant religious organization.
  4. Persons who arrived in Ukraine to participate in the activities of branches, departments, offices and other structural units of public (non-governmental) organizations of foreign countries registered in the established manner.
  5. Persons who arrived in Ukraine for work in representative offices of foreign business entities in Ukraine, registered in accordance with the established procedure.
  6. Persons who arrived in Ukraine for work in branches or representative offices of foreign banks registered in the established order.
  7. Persons who arrived in Ukraine for cultural, scientific, educational activities or participation in international and volunteer programs / organizations.
  8. Persons who arrived in Ukraine for work as correspondent or representative of foreign media.
  9. Persons who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of studying.
  10. Persons who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of reuniting a family with persons who are Ukrainian citizens or who, while legally residing in Ukraine, have married Ukrainian citizens.
  11. Persons who illegally stay in Ukraine after completing the term of stay in temporary stay (PTPI) and applied for a temporary residence permit.

In order to obtain a certificate, you must contact the territorial bodies or units of the LCA at the place of residence. The list of documents required for obtaining a visa for each of the categories of foreigners mentioned above is different, therefore, in each individual case is formed individually. The main documents are the application of a foreigner or stateless person and a valid health insurance policy.

Terms of examination of documents

On the fact of working out and consideration of a package of documents, a territorial body or department of the SMS takes one of the following decisions: the issuance or refusal to issue a certificate for a period of not more than ten days from the date of filing documents.

Ready-made document (Temporary Residence Residence) is issued personally to the applicant for a receipt upon presentation of a passport document.

In order to confirm that a foreigner has been issued an additional document which gives the right to stay in the territory of another state, the passport document shall contain a note on the receipt of the certificate, which is stamped. According to the results of the obtained certificate, foreigners and stateless persons must register at their place of residence, and in case of change of place of residence – to re-register.

To extend the term, a foreigner or stateless person submits documents for the extension of the validity period of the temporary residence permit no later than 10 calendar days before the expiration of its validity.

Mandatory payments

For registration of a temporary residence permit, an administrative fee for the registration or prolongation of the validity of the temporary residence permit is charged at the rate of 20 tax-free minimum incomes.

Refusal to issue a certificate and possible reasons

Issuance of the permit may be refused for the following reasons:

– In order to ensure national security or the protection of public order.

– In order to protect the health, protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine and other persons residing in Ukraine.

– When there is reason to believe (confirm) that the passport document of a foreigner or a document certifying a stateless person is forged, damaged, or not conforming to the established pattern or belongs to another person.

– For obtaining a permit, false information or fake documents are filed.

– When foreigners found evidence of default judgment or government bodies authorized to impose administrative penalties, or they have other property obligations to the state, natural or legal persons, including those associated with previous deportation from Ukraine, including number after the expiration of the prohibition of further entry into Ukraine (for persons who receive a certificate for temporary residence);

– In other cases stipulated by the laws.

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