Biometric residence permits for foreigners in Ukraine

03.05.2018 | Legal

In the near future all residence cards will be made in forms of ID-cards with electronic chips, and not in the forms of booklets.

biometric residence permits in UkraineOn April 25, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Resolution “On approval of the specimen, the technical description of the form and the Procedure for issuing, exchanging, canceling, sending, withdrawing, returning to the state, invalidating and abolishing the permanent residence permit” and “On approval of the specimen, the technical description of the form and the Procedure for Issue, Exchange, Cancellation, Transfer, Withdrawal, Return to the State, Nullity and Destruction of Temporary Residence Permits».

As from the 1st of June, the residency permit-document (posvidka) will be made into a plastic card.

Changing from the booklet to “plastic-cards” directed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which approve a new type of residence permit. Plastic cards will be issued as from June 1st .

In the transition period – before the provision of all units of the State Migration with the necessary resources – a residence permit can be issued in the form of a book.

A plastic document on the grantee of validity of residence permit is issued for up to 10 years.

The electronic chip which will store information about the person, biometric data, a digitized face image and a digitized signature.

It is established that the new ID card-posvidka must be issued within 15 working days from the date of submission of your personal documents from a foreigner or stateless person.

The regulations approved the biometric samples of the form, the technical description and the mechanism for the issue, exchange, cancellation, transfer, withdrawal, return to the state, invalidation and the abolition of the residence permit and temporary residence permit.

Adoption of acts allows the start of extradition to foreigners and stateless persons who have arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of permanent or temporary residence, documents of the new generation – certificates for permanent and temporary residence in the form of cards with contactless electronic carrier.

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  • Floyd Silcott

    Does this mean my permanent resident will be cancelled and replaced with a 10 year card? What about renewals?

    on 06.05.2018 Reply
  • Moussouni

    Haw I can go to es Europ without visa with my resedence in Ukrainie

    on 27.10.2018 Reply

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