Permanent residence permit in Kharkov: obtaining and aspects

21.08.2018 | Legal

In this article, we decided to discuss with you the issues of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Kharkov. Our clients are often asking about on how to apply for a permanent residence permit in Kharkov, and therefore, we can assume that this issue will be of interest to many of our readers.

What is the reason for such interest of migrants to Kharkov?

After all, it would be more logical to stop your choice on the capital of Ukraine – Kiev, or warm southern Odessa with its mild climate, or eventually in the most European Lviv. The answer to this question is the large number of migration components that are present in Kharkov.

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Firstly, this is a large number of foreign students who are studying here. Kharkov ranks first in the number of foreigners who study in our city, far ahead of Kiev and Odessa. Every third student who comes to Ukraine comes to study in Kharkov.

Secondly, this is the proximity of the city to the border with the Russian Federation. It’s no secret that many Ukrainians have previously found themselves in the territory of the eastern state and have sufficient grounds for issuing a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

The third and important factor is the growing desire of foreigners to conduct business in Ukraine. I foresee the skepticism of the reader, but the statistical data for recent years confirms correctness. And although foreign businessmen distribute their presence more evenly in the regions of Ukraine to the share of the Kharkov region, they also have a fair amount. And this is not surprising, because Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine and the largest industrial center.

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biometric residence permits in UkraineAll of the above factors require a high level of organization of work, both from the units of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, and from legal companies that practice in the field of immigration law and provide legal assistance to foreigners in the issues of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Kharkov. In all our articles we try to remind the reader that consultation is the most important stage in the process of preparing for the start of the process of immigration to Ukraine.

During the consultation, the lawyer should understand the main thing – what grounds does the applicant have for obtaining a residence permit for the commencement of the procedure and if such grounds can be found, then this is actually 80% of the success of the whole process. Next, you need to determine the package of documents and familiarize yourself with the requirements of the applicant. It often happens that the necessary documents are not available and they need to be restored (through the bodies of the RAGS, archives, etc.) or simply are not in Ukraine and must be received by mail.

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Rarely, but there are extreme cases when the necessary document can not be found, despite the efforts made, in this case there is only one way out-to go to court and there to establish “a fact of legal significance.”

Further, having formed a package of documents according to the requirements, you can apply to the territorial subdivision of the State MS of Ukraine and apply for a permit for immigration to Ukraine – certificates for permanent residence in Ukraine.

It should be noted that according to the norms of the current legislation, the period for considering the application of an immigrant is 1 (one) year. And it’s not a fact that in a year you will be able to get a long-awaited document, since in documents if they are prepared by a foreigner, mistakes are possible on their own. And the inspector of the SMS may well not notice them when receiving documents. They will be discovered later, already at the stage of consideration. Thus, you can receive, after waiting for a year, refusal and you will be returned documents for elimination of deficiencies. There have been cases when foreigners several times applied for a residence permit, and this is a waste of time, and colossal, nerves and money. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the immigration lawyers to prepare a package of documents and support the process of filing and registration of a permanent residence permit in the Ukrainian SMS. This will make it possible to obtain the necessary document with minimum expenditure of effort, money and time.

If you wish and, of course, the correct execution of the package of documents, the minimum period for obtaining a permanent residence permit by a foreigner will be 35-37 calendar days.

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