The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained the rules of dual citizenship

31.10.2018 | Legal

Pavlo Klimkin the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the country should begin a public discussion about the possibility for Ukrainians to have dual citizenship.

He stated this during speech in Lviv, reports European Pravda.

“Now we in Ukraine should start a public discussion about the possibility of being a citizen of several countries, we need to honestly say it. Dual citizenship can be possible only under clear conditions. Military commanders will not be able to have it, it does not allow them to occupy certain positions”, – the minister explained.

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Klimkin recalled that dual citizenship is granted to the population in some European countries.

Recall, according to Ukrainian legislation, the country is prohibited from having a passport of another country for public servants. Earlier, Klimkin stated that this rule should remain in force.

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Alongside, the current legislation does not fordid either not allow having of dual citizenship for ordinary people in Ukraine. However, in some cases, for example, whe a foreigner applies for Ukrainian citizenship – he/she obligated to stop previous citizenship during certain period of time. In addition, the citizenship can be cancelled to applicants who provided false information or forged documents if such will be found by state authorities.

Also, our lawyer has stressed that many foreigners in Ukraine expecting that in the near future it will be possible to have dual citizenship because not everyone willing to cancel previous citizenship.

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