Ukraine temporary residence permit

Based on one of the following legal grounds:
– employment
– for implementation of international technical assistance projects
– for the purpose of preaching religious beliefs, performing religious rites or other canonical activities
– to participate in the activities of branches, offices, representative offices and other structural units of public (non-governmental). organizations of foreign countries
– for work in representative offices of foreign business entities in Ukraine
– for work in branches or representative offices of foreign banks
– for the conduct of cultural, scientific, educational activities on the grounds and in the manner prescribed by international treaties of Ukraine or special programs, as well as foreigners and stateless persons who have arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of participating in international and regional volunteer programs
– for work as correspondent or representative of foreign media
– for studying purposes
– for the purpose of reuniting a family with persons who are citizens of Ukraine or who during staying on legal grounds in the territory of Ukraine have married Ukrainian citizens
– in order to reunite family with individuals who already obtained temporary residence permit (based on grounds mentioned above plus foreigners who have incorporated business in Ukraine, however except foreigner who arrived to Ukraine for studying purpose)
– for foreigners or a stateless persons who, until the expiration of the time limit for staying in temporary places of stay of foreigners and stateless persons who are illegally staying in Ukraine, were not deported from Ukraine because of the absence of a travel document, a transport link with the country of origin or for other reasons that do not depend on such persons

Processing time:
from 10 working days

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Essential and Background Information

Immigration Ukraine. Many foreign citizens and persons without citizenship have several reasons to visit Ukraine again. In order to simplify the procedure for entering the territory of Ukraine and legalize their stay here, foreigners makes sense to go through the registration of Ukraine temporary residence permit in accordance with Ukraine immigration laws.

Ukraine immigration official website prescribes next terms:

Service recipients:

  • Foreigners and stateless persons under the age of sixteen

Grounds for receiving the service:

  • Appeal of a foreigner or stateless person with a statement of the established model and necessary documents

Ukraine immigration policy in which foreigners need can apply for temporary residence permit:

  • to work in the Ukrainian company or representative office of foreign enterprises in Ukraine
  • for studying in high school. In this case the visa on which the foreigner entered the Ukraine, should be issued at the request of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine
  • for family reunion in which one spouse is a citizen of Ukraine, or a temporary resident
  • to participate in the registered technical projects organized as international aid
  • to familiarize people with religious teachings. In this case the visa is issued if an invitation from a religious organization and request the State Committee for Religious Affairs
  • to participate in the scientific and cultural work, volunteer organizations for programs provided by international agreements
  • to use foreign media correspondent
  • in cases where the deportation of a foreigner staying illegally on the territory of Ukraine is impossible because of insurmountable circumstances

Requared documents:

  • residence application form
  • a passport document of a foreigner or a document certifying a stateless person (upon presentation is returned), with a type D visa, unless otherwise provided by the legislation and international agreements of Ukraine, and copies of the pages of the passport with personal data and a visa (if available)
  • translation into Ukrainian of a passport document of a foreigner or a document certifying a stateless person with personal data certified in accordance with the procedure established by law
  • health insurance policy, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine
  • four photographs of a foreigner and stateless persons in the size of 3.5 x 4.5 centimeters on matte paper (photographs in headdresses that do not hide the oval face of a person, citizens whose religious beliefs are not allowed to appear before third parties without headgear , provided that in their passport documents they are depicted in headgear)
  • and other documents (residence documentation, Ukraine immigration card, applications) depending on exact legal grounds

Temporary residence permits issuing by Migration Services of Ukraine offices. Depending encountered reasons for registration of temporary residence permit is determined whether it is the central body of Migration Service or a territorial authority in the community.