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Criminal defense lawyer in Kharkiv

– legal defense for victims, witnesses, suspects and accused
– collection of evidences
– representation of interests in court and during investigator actions
– appealing to higher courts

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It is not a secret for anybody that in criminal cases there are much more frequent than others happens all kinds of violations of human rights, which should be guarded by criminal lawyer who performs his professional duty. Caught in some unforeseen situation, it is difficult for person not to get lost, and if there is a criminal aspect in it, it is almost impossible to keep calm. Most often, confusion is due to ignorance and lack of understanding of legislative processes, so it is necessary to apply for professional help and get the services of a criminal lawyer immediately.

Opening a criminal case is a stress not only for the suspect, but also for his relatives. One should never fall into despair, because a man is ready to help you, for whom the protection of your interests is a profession, to him he gives himself all up. The suspect and the lawyer in the criminal case will jointly determine the line of defense, which means that the criminal lawyer will inform his client in a timely manner of any changes that occur in the proceedings.

There is another aspect, because of which the assistance of a criminal lawyer should be ordered as soon as possible. In the internal affairs bodies, a chain system operates, which means that if the investigator has the slightest reason to establish another criminal case on the suspect, he will not miss this opportunity. A good lawyer, whose criminal law is not an empty phrase, will in time protect the interests of his client and can prevent the emergence of such a situation.

The best lawyers in Kharkiv in criminal cases from the legal association AR MAX GROUP will provide you with qualified assistance and protection in the situation that has arisen. An experienced lawyer in criminal cases will be able to give you coolness and confidence in the future. Who, if not a criminal lawyer who defends your interests, will be able to listen carefully to all the arguments, to answer the constantly arising and troubling questions. The verdict in the criminal case is extremely important for both the suspect and the victim. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the services of a lawyer in criminal cases provided at the stage of preparation of a case for its consideration in court, in the process of defense in the case, for example, when there is a need to appeal against the sentenced verdict and other issues.

Advice by criminal lawyer can be conducted without any time limit. An advocate in a criminal trial has the right to take part in all actions that conduct investigations, and even to collect evidence.

If you want your interests in court to be represented by an unbiased criminal lawyer, whom you could unconditionally trust, do it yourself, or entrust it to your relatives. Do not drag out the situation until when the defense in the criminal case is appointed by the investigator.

A defense attorney in criminal matters is not just your main assistant, it’s a person who is immeasurable. The outcome of the case depends on how successfully the defense in the criminal court is carried out, whether the defendant will be acquitted, or how long the defendant will receive if he is found guilty.

Services of lawyers of AR MAX GROUP

The best lawyer in criminal cases, provided by the legal association AR MAX GROUP, will be able to provide the following services:

– consultation of a lawyer in criminal cases at the initial stage of the appeal. The specialist will analyze the situation in detail, study the materials available at the time of the appeal and talk about the permissible options for its development. Based on the complexity of the case, the provisional cost of the services of a lawyer in criminal cases will also be stipulated.

– legal advice on criminal cases will accompany the accused at every stage of the investigation. A lawyer in criminal law representing the interests of the client will be present at interrogations, investigative experiments, confrontations, searches, other actions in which the accused will be involved.

The best lawyers in criminal cases of the AR MAX GROUP company will conduct their own investigation of all the circumstances of the case, gather the necessary evidence that will mitigate the client’s guilt or prove his innocence.

Our specialist will defend his client in court, using all his professionalism and experience, to seek his justification in case of innocence and a fair verdict, taking into account mitigating circumstances provided by the lawyer, in proving guilt.

The assistance of criminal lawyer will also be provided to the client after the sentence is passed in the preparation of appeals or cassation complaints.

Protection of the interests of the defendant in criminal cases requires the lawyer in Kharkiv to have the highest level of qualifications. Admission to criminal proceedings at least one error can end for the defendant is very deplorable.

Nuances of Ukrainian legislation

At the end of 2012, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a new version of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Among the novelties of the document, it is first of all necessary to single out a requirement that significantly narrowed the circle of persons with whom legal assistance can be provided and the defense of the suspect is carried out. So, in Art. 45 of the Code of Criminal Procedure states that now only lawyers can act as defense counsel. Such specialists must also be registered in the register of lawyers of Ukraine.

At the same time, the criminal lawyer has quite broad powers:

he gets a date with the client (in unlimited quantities);

collects the necessary evidence, if necessary, submits requests to various institutions with a request to provide the information necessary for the case;

attracts various specialists to explain different documents;

is present when charged;

takes part in the course of interrogations with his client;

advocate defense in criminal cases implies that the defender can also get acquainted with all the materials of the case, file petitions, write complaints and challenges;

participates in the judicial process in courts of all instances;

uses other means to protect the client.

Of course, the law does not prohibit a citizen, who has a criminal case, to assert his rights independently. But such a risk can hardly be called justified. First, a person without knowledge of the law can not properly protect themselves. Secondly, the very fact that you are accused of a crime is very unsettling, and you can hardly adequately reflect on your behavior. Our lawyers in criminal cases in Kharkiv are high-level specialists who can always come forward with defense in any criminal cases.

Basic principles of our work

The legal association AR MAX GROUP guarantees to you absolute confidentiality and observance of all ethical and legislative norms. You can not doubt that any advice of a lawyer in criminal cases will be provided at a high level. A competent approach to any stage of the case, from the preparation of defense tactics to its conduct, and the moderate cost of a lawyer in criminal cases are the basic principles of our association’s activities.

We perfectly understand that legal problems can arise at any time, therefore our lawyers in criminal cases are ready to help the client at time when he needs it. We individually approach each client. Each new case is a new tactic of constructing a defense, where every nuance is worked out, and no detail of the matter falls. We also individually treat issues of payment for services provided by a lawyer in criminal matters. Prices depend on many factors: the complexity of the case, the expected result, the amount of work to be done, and others. We are sympathetic to the financial situation of people who apply to us, and we offer various forms of payment for lawyer services, from which you can choose the one suitable for you.