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Labor lawyer in Kharkiv

– collection of wages, other payments (severance pay, vacation, business trip);
– reinstatement at work;
– compensation for moral and material harm;
– representation the interests in court;
– developing of job descriptions;
– preparation of documents on employment and dismissal, other personnel documents, including contracts on liability, accounting journals, general organization of personnel work can be obtained.

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Labor disputes will help to solve an experienced lawyer for labor law

Despite the fact that we live in democratic society, some employers seem to be stuck in the slave system. Chiefs often treat their employees, to put it mildly, disrespectfully. Employees in this situation should not let things go by themselves. In addition, the Labor Code protects workers’ rights. If you see that your interests are ignored, ask for help from specialists. Consultation of lawyer on labor issues will help you to find out exactly which norms of law are not observed by the employer, and also to understand his duties to the collective as a whole and you in particular.

Judicial practice shows that labor disputes are often resolved in favor of the employee. Of course, if you were illegally dismissed, then even after you are reinstated in the previous work through the court, you are unlikely to establish a relationship with the boss. But even if you do not plan to return to work, you can obtain from the employer a payment of forced absence, unused leave, moral compensation and other payments that provide for labor law.

Advocate for labor disputes

Even if the boss fired you according to all the requirements of the law, you can always find some mistake. For example, the discrepancy of dates, failure to meet the deadlines for firing or foreclosing, missing a line, the absence of your written explanations. As a rule, the presence of even the slightest oversight in the actions of the employer leads to the restoration of the employee at a previously held position. A timely consultation of lawyer on the Labor Code can slow down the process of dismissal and prevent illegal actions against you by management. After all, most often, if the employer sees that his employee is guided by labor legislation and if he violates his rights, he prefers to act in compliance with the law. A lawyer’s advice on labor law will help you to rethink the situation and determine the line of your future behavior. It may be that your rights were not actually violated and the employer acted lawfully. If, nevertheless, your claims are justified, our labor disputes lawyer will help to cope with such a responsible task as a competent drafting of the claim and will represent the interests of the client in court.

A labor lawyer of the AR MAX GROUP legal association will assist in resolving any issues related to labor law. As a rule, a lawyer for labor disputes is required for an employee with illegally committed dismissal, non-payment or regular salary delays, in these cases, it is necessary to go to court. Also, the labor lawyer will provide the necessary assistance in case of improper imposition on the employee of disciplinary penalties (fine, reprimand, etc.), or with unilateral changes in the employment contract or in the working conditions of the employer.

Naturally, in order to guarantee your rights, you need to enlist the support of a qualified lawyer. The lawyer for the labor law of our legal association will be able to easily detect all the failures of your former leader and help ensure that you receive all payments due to you (including moral compensation).

Within the framework of the labor law, our lawyers protect the client and represent interests in the court in such cases:

disputes on the collection of wages, other payments (severance pay, vacation, business trip);

disputes about reinstatement at work;

disputes on compensation for moral and material harm.

In addition, our lawyers on labor law can speak in court sessions, both on the side of the plaintiff and on the side of the defendant.

Labor Lawyer for the employer

Labor disputes between the employer and the employee often end in the courts. It is not uncommon for a business lawyer to consult a business administration. Some employees, hiding behind the norms of the labor law and using them in their favor, knowingly harm their enterprise or the employer directly. An attorney for labor disputes will help you to understand situations of this kind.

The lawyer for labor law in Kharkiv, provided by our company, will be able to provide the necessary assistance to the employer’s representative in the following issues and disputes:

to represent the interests of the employer in court;

develop job descriptions for company employees;

counseling of a lawyer for labor disputes on the preparation of documents on employment and dismissal, other personnel documents, including contracts on liability, accounting journals, general organization of personnel work can be obtained.

Consultations of the lawyer on the labor law of our association will guide the employer in matters of lawful dismissal of the employee, reduction of staff or changes in working conditions, dismissal of the management of the enterprise, and in other ambiguous situations, non-observance of legal norms in which can lead to undesirable consequences and material losses. The lawyer for the labor legislation of the company AR MAX GROUP will help to bring in the proper state of the documents of an administrative nature, analyze and point out the weak points of the employment contract that require revision, and will consult how to amend them.

You can get a preliminary advice from a lawyer on labor law, if you contact our company by phone number listed on the site, or ask your question online. A lawyer on the labor code will respond to your questions in a competent and prompt manner.

Timely legal assistance provided will warn both sides of labor relations from committing illegal actions. The labor lawyer of our firm will help in the shortest possible time to resolve the arising labor disputes, to protect the violated rights. Becoming a client of the legal association AR MAX GROUP in Kharkiv, you will not have reason to doubt the correctness of your choice. Our lawyer for labor law will provide you with truly qualified and professional help.