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Lawyer for immigration and administrative cases

– complex legal assistance on immigration to Ukraine (starting from assessment of chances, preparing documents for visa up to obtaining of residence permit and acquisition of citizenship)
– legal defense on immigration and administrative cases (restoration of rights, appealing on refusals acts of public authorities such as denying in giving visa, passport documents, deportation from Ukraine, ban of entrance to Ukraine, litigation)

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Immigration is a very important step in life, which takes place according to a strictly regulated procedure, often occupying more than one month (on average, the process lasts from 7 months to 2 years).

The bulk of people attempting to leave without using the services of an immigration lawyer are refused. This is connected with a number of difficulties in the procedure. An immigration lawyer will not only increase your chances of successful outcome of the case, but will also significantly accelerate your departure.

Assistance of an immigration lawyer

Let’s consider several reasons why the help of an immigration lawyer is so important:

All documents that must be submitted to the embassy or migration authorities are prepared by a specialist. Accordingly, the package of documents will be as complete and correct as possible. Immigration – not the case when you can make inaccuracies and oversights in the documentation. Firstly, such an attitude to the documents will be a serious drawback in the adoption of the final decision, and secondly, the difficulties that the embassy employee will face when considering your case will already set him against you.

It is customary abroad to have each person do his own thing. For registration of documents and passing of official procedures, it is accepted to invite the qualified expert. Representation of your interests by an immigration lawyer, will confirm for the ambassador or employees of migration authorities the seriousness of your intentions, financial security and a thorough approach to the matter. And this means that you will be provided with a benevolent attitude.

The participation of immigration lawyer in the clearance process tells the staff that in the event of an undue refusal or the slightest violation on their part, the lawyer will defend the rights and interests of his client in court. Such a prospect does not please anyone, and the officials will conduct the entire procedure within the framework of the law.

An experienced lawyer will be able to request information on the progress of your case, on time and skillfully give the necessary additional explanations, which will speed up the procedure as much as possible, and will bring to naught the emergence of possible difficulties and hiccups.

A professional immigration lawyer has a certain authority in the authorities with which he works. You apply to the embassy or migration authorities one or more times in your life, the lawyer is there with enviable regularity for many years. For a long time, leading a lot of cases of his clients, the specialist establishes good relations with officials, as well as a certain effective work schedule worked out by the years.

The mentality of the inhabitants of each country is different. What is valued in our country can be completely unacceptable or inappropriate in another country. The ambassador will not tell you what is important for him to hear, he will only draw conclusions from what you said. An immigration specialist with practical experience will advise you on all scrupulous questions for the successful passage of consular checks and other conversations.

Services of advocate for immigration from the AR MAX GROUP

If you decide to fulfill your dream and go to another country, do not overshadow the joy of moving away from fear of refusal, years of waiting for a positive decision and problems with embassy officials. Our immigration lawyer in Kharkiv will provide a full range of necessary services, including:

consultation on the list of required documents and the requirements for them;

translation of official papers into any language and its notarization;

the apostille;

the demand for documents, as well as their duplicates;

preparation of a certificate of non-conviction;

compilation of necessary cover letters and formation of package of documents;

requesting additional information from public authorities.

Every person whose rights have been violated by decisions, actions or inaction of the state authority, can apply to the administrative court for the restoration of his rights.

Administrative disputes are cases in which one of the parties is the subject of power.

No one, both a physical and a legal entity, can protect himself from contacts with the state authorities. At the same time, everyone knows that communication with civil servants is characterized by a lot of paper, bureaucratic procedures, inequality, a complex hierarchical structure of officials, the application of administrative penalties and constant disputes. That is why an administrative lawyer is a very popular specialist in the field of jurisprudence.

The most frequent administrative cases on migration matters faced by individuals are administrative offenses related to the terms of stay in the territory of Ukraine, extension of stay, applying for residence permits, work permits, passport documents, deportation and ban of entrance. An attorney for administrative migration cases, if necessary, will go to the scene, get acquainted with the materials of the case and provide a full range of services to protect your interests.

For legal entities, the most frequent administrative matters are disputes with tax, employment and migration authorities. Both these spheres are one of the most complex, they require not only specific knowledge in jurisprudence, but also the existence of a certain experience of communication with government bodies. Our lawyer for administrative migration cases in Kharkiv will determine the most optimal option for protecting your rights and interests in connection with the dispute that has arisen, will conduct all necessary procedural actions, and ensure prompt and reliable receipt of the result.

Protection and services of lawyer from AR MAX GROUP

Our lawyer for administrative and migration matters will provide the following services:

initial consultation of a specialist in administrative and migration laws;

the definition of the optimal scheme for the administration of the administrative case;

pre-trial settlement of an administrative dispute;

drafting and filing of claim, petition, application and other procedural documents in the judicial process;

protection of rights and interests in court in Kharkiv, or remote case management in courts on the territory of Ukraine;

representation of interests in law enforcement and state bodies;

legal assistance in case of administrative violation;

collection and submission of evidence in the case;

appeal of administrative penalty.

The representative of the state authority is always in more advantageous position, and has more influence than the person who wants to appeal his actions. Therefore, practice shows that appealing the actions of the subject of power to a higher authority is often not an effective method of influence. But not everyone wants to delay the decision of the issue for a long period of trial. An administrative lawyer who will represent your interests will be able to collect at the pre-trial stage of the dispute the maximum possible package of evidence, prepare for trial, and confirm the seriousness of your intentions. Sometimes this is the key reason for the authority to go to your meeting.