Obtaining taxpayer identification number (tax ID) in Ukraine

Taxpayer (Identification) Code for Foreigners

Requared for:

– obtaining work permit and further employment
– registration of company as founders or shareholders
– registration foreigner as private entrepreneur
– admission and studying
– immigration and further obtaining residence permit
– getting citizenship
– opening accounts
– many other situations

Processing time: 7 working days

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Essential and Background Information

How to obtain Ukraine tax identification number (or in other words the taxpayer ID, the taxpayer identification code) in Kharkov?

Legal rules of obtatining taxpayer code in Ukraine is prescribed by the Law of Ukraine “On State Register of Individual Payers of Taxes and Other Mandatory Payments.”

What are requared documents to obtain the taxpayer code?

– copies of the passport or its equal document

– its translation into the Ukrainian language and approving by notary

– notarized power of attorney for legal representation your interests by lawyer

Processing time of obtaining the taxpayer code is up to seven working days.