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Ukraine tax identification number

How to obtain the taxpayer ID, the taxpayer identification code

The registration number of the taxpayer card is an element of the State Register of Physical Persons of Ukraine, which is provided to physical persons-taxpayers and other obligatory payments and is kept for them throughout their life. The taxpayer code in Ukraine is must-have document for foreign citizens and stateless persons in exact situatins.

Legal address for business

How to obtain registered legal address for doing business in Ukraine

Doing business in Ukraine requires alongside from other conditions the registration of legal address for identification of business location and official correspondence. Depending on type of business the requirements for such Ukraine legal address can vary.

Private entrepreneur in Ukraine

How to register as private entrepreneur in Ukraine

For starting a small business in Ukraine one of the option is registration of a private entrepreneur in Ukraine. The Constitution of Ukraine implies the freedom of entrepreneurial activity, more and more active and business people come to the conclusion that the douing business in Ukraine in form of private entrepreneur is the most optimal and profitable option for doing business in Ukraine.

Foreign company office

How to register an affiliate office of foreign business in Ukraine

According to Ukrainian laws non-residents can be the following list: foreign companies, organizations formed in accordance with the legislation of other states, their registered (accredited or legalized), in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, branches, representative offices and other separated units with locations in the territory of Ukraine

Limited liability company in Ukraine

How to register LLC in Ukraine

The opening of the LLC in Ukraine is an excellent option for starting a common business by several companies or people for doing business in Ukraine. Also, our legislation allows the registration of an LLC with one participant who can perform several functions at once: the founder, the manager and the accountant.

Private joint-stock company in Ukraine

How to register PJSC in Ukraine

A joint-stock company is a business entity in which shares of the company’s stock can be bought and sold by shareholders. Each shareholder owns company stock in proportion, evidenced by their shares (certificates of ownership). Shareholders are able to transfer their shares to others without any effects to the continued existence of the company.

Work permit for a foreigner

How to obtain work permit for foreigner in Ukraine

A work permit is issued to a foreigner or a person without citizenship who intends to engage in Ukraine labor activity, provided that in a country (region) there are no employees able to perform this type of work, or there are sufficient justifications for the expediency of using foreign labor specialists, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine. The operation of this procedure applies also to foreigners who sent by a foreign employer to Ukraine for execution a certain amount of work or services based on contracts concluded between Ukrainian and foreign business entities.

Foreign investments in Ukraine

How to register foreign investments in Ukraine

Foreign investments — values that are invested by foreign investors in investment objects in accordance with legislation of Ukraine for the purpose of profit or achievement social effect.

Liquidation, bankruptcy

Legal assistance on liquidation and bankruptcy procedures

Liquidation of a legal entity — termination of the existence of a legal entity by entering an appropriate record in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs. Bankruptcy — a process in which an individual or an organization is unable to pay with creditors, by decision of the court, the debtor’s property is distributed among the creditors in accordance with the law of the order of payment of debts to creditors, such as taxes and wages to employees of the organization- bankrupt.