Immigration law

Temporary residence permit

How to get temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Temporary residence permit — a document certifying the identity of a foreigner or stateless person and confirms the legal grounds for temporary residence in Ukraine. Usually ussued for 1 year with right for annual extension.

Permanent residence permit

How to get permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Permanent residence permit — a document certifying the identity of a foreigner or stateless person and confirms the right to permanent residence in Ukraine. A permanent residence permit gives a foreign citizen or a stateless person a lot of advantages, such as long-term residence in Ukraine, visa-free entry, no additional costs.


How to get citizenship of Ukraine

Citizenship of Ukraine — legal relationship between a physical person and Ukraine, which finds expression in their mutual rights and responsibilities. The procedure for registering citizenship is regulated by the norms of the Law of Ukraine «On Citizenship» and is burdened with a mass of bureaucratic formalities.

Recognition as a refugee or a person who needs subsidiary or temporary protection

How to get refugee/subsidiary or temporary protection status in Ukraine

Ukraine joined the 1951 UN Convention and the 1967 Protocol in 2002. In accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On Refugees and Persons in Need of Subsidiary or Temporary Protection» dated 08.07.2011, Ukraine provides protection to foreign citizens and stateless persons who are sought on its territory by: recognition as a refugee; recognition of a person who needs subsidiary protection; recognition of persons in need of temporary protection.

Extension of stay

How to extend visa in Ukraine

In accordance with the migration rules, foreign citizens, as well as stateless persons have the right to stay on the territory of Ukraine for the duration of the visa, if the foreigner arrived from the country with a visa-free regime, then no more than 90 days or sometimes for extra term if there are available objective grounds which are strictly prescribed by the law. The period of validity of the temporary residence permit may be extended indefinitely, subject to the availability of grounds provided for by law.

Address registration

How to get address registration in Kharkov

The place of residence of an individual is a residential house, apartment, other premises suitable for living in it (dormitory, hotel etc.), in the corresponding settlement where the individual resides permanently, mainly or temporarily. We offer address registration in Kharkiv private real estate. Every resident of Ukraine must be registered.

Legalization of expired status

How to legalize the status of foreigner in Ukraine

Legalization is a complex process of registering a person in another state, the course of which depends on the purpose, duration of the visit and other features. Also by legalization can be mean the process of giving a legal status to a foreigner who has violated migration law and didn’t left Ukraine in prescribed terms. It is also possible to legalize the status of foreigner without leaving Ukraine.

Cancellation of ban of entrance

How to appeal and cancel the ban of entrance to Ukraine

While staying in Ukraine, a foreigner may fall into a variety of unpleasant situations. Sometimes they lead to problems with the law, deportation and even a ban on entering Ukraine. However every person has a right for proper investigation as well as for appelation. The law prescibes conditions when such ban of entrance can be cancelled.

Cancellation of deportation

How to appeal and cancel deportation from Ukraine

Deportation from Ukraine should be understood as a system of administrative and legal measures aimed at forcing foreigners and stateless persons to leave the territory of Ukraine contrary to their will and without their will. In event of such unpleasant situation every person has right for appellation and justice.

Obtaining a special permit for entry to the Crimea

How to get a special permit for entry to the Crimea

On June 4, 2015, the Government adopted a resolution which regulates the procedure for entry into and exit of the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. According to the document, the entry of foreigners and stateless persons into the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and exit from it is carried out through checkpoints under a passport document and a special permit issued by the territorial body of the Migration Service.

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