State University of Telecommunications

1. Computer engineering 2. Software Engineering 3. Computer Science and Information Technology 4. Cybersecurity 5. Telecommunications and Radio Engineering 6. System analysis 7. Management 8. Public management and administration 9. Marketing 10. Enterprise, trade and exchange activity 11. Informational, library and archive science 12. Sociology

 Options: Russian medium available, Preparatory course available, Accreditation by MCI, Low fees, 24/7 medical aid, Accommodation guaranteed.

State University of Telecommunications is a leading multidisciplinary educational institution in the field of communication and information. It has the IV level of accreditation, carries out training and retraining of specialists with higher education on a wide range of technical and other directions for educational and professional programs of all levels, conducts fundamental and applied scientific research, has developed infrastructure of scientific and educational institutions and institutions, high level Personnel and logistical support.