Appealing a refusal in visa to Ukraine

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What to do in case if visa application to Ukraine was refused?

The refusal decision must be accompanied with official letter from the embassy and according to Ukrainian laws prescribed only 10 reasons for it.

1. national security or public order protection
2. public health protection, protection of rights and legal interests of Ukrainian citizens and other persons residing in Ukraine
3. existing entry ban to Ukraine
4. passport document is forged, corrupted or not conforming to the established model or belongs to another person
5. false information or counterfeit other documents
6. absence or invalid medical insurance
7. lack of sufficient financial support
8. absence of evidence confirming the purpose of the planned stay in Ukraine
9. the absence of documents that make it possible to establish the intention of a foreigner or stateless person to leave the territory of Ukraine before the expiration of the visa
10. application of the applicant for the termination of consideration of the visa application

After such decision, the embassy officer makes a note in the passport: “Appealed” (“Звертався”), with the date and gives the refusal decision in which one of the above reasons is noted and certifies with his signature. The provision of more detailed information about the reason for the refusal is not prescribed by the current legislation.

However, in case of refusal to issue visa, do not despair – you have a free right to appeal such decision by submitting a request to the head of the embassy. The term of consideration of this letter is set for 1 month.

If you believe that the decision to refuse to issue visa is not legitimate, our advocate is ready to prepare an appeal letter requesting to reconsider visa application and grant you a visa to Ukraine. With our experience and deep analysis your chances to get a visa to Ukraine will highly increase. In addition, depending on the reason of visa refusal decision our lawyer can contact authorized authorities in order to get necessary and recommended extra support documents which will prove that you have full right to enter Ukraine.