Appealing a refusal in visa to Ukraine

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Appealing a refusal in visa to UkraineUkrainian legislation allows the consul the right to refuse to grant a visa to Ukraine. However, in case of refusal, the reason for such decision should be indicated, the following reasons may be the reasons:

– the need to ensure national security or the protection of public order;

– the need to protect health, rights and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine and other persons who live in Ukraine;

– availability of information about foreigner or stateless person in the database of persons who, according to the law, are not allowed to enter Ukraine;

– when the passport document of the foreigner or stateless person is forged, corrupted or does not conform to the established pattern;

– provision of deliberately untruthful data or forged documents;

– the establishment of violation by foreigner or stateless person of legislation during his previous stay in Ukraine;

– not confirmation by foreigner or stateless person of the purpose of planned trip to Ukraine;

– lack of documents that confirm the intention of the foreigner or stateless person to leave the territory of Ukraine before the expiry of the visa;

– the filing by foreigner or stateless person of application for not reviewing his documents.

After the adoption of this decision, the consul makes a note in the passport: “Appealed”, with the date and gives the denial form in which one of the above items is noted and certifies with his signature. The provision by the consul of more detailed information about the reason for the refusal is not provided for by the current legislation.

However, in case of refusal to issue visa, do not despair – a foreigner or a stateless person has the right to appeal this decision by submitting an appeal letter to the head of the authorized body that examined the documents on obtaining a visa. The term of consideration of this letter is set for 2 months.

If you believe that the decision to refuse to issue visa is not legitimate, our company is ready to help you in preparing an appeal letter requesting a review of the decision to issue visa.

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