Appealing a refusal in visa to Ukraine

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What to do in case if visa application to Ukraine was refused?

The refusal decision must be accompanied with official letter from the embassy and according to Ukrainian laws prescribed only 10 reasons for it.

1. national security or public order protection
2. public health protection, protection of rights and legal interests of Ukrainian citizens and other persons residing in Ukraine
3. existing entry ban to Ukraine
4. passport document is forged, corrupted or not conforming to the established model or belongs to another person
5. false information or counterfeit other documents
6. absence or invalid medical insurance
7. lack of sufficient financial support
8. absence of evidence confirming the purpose of the planned stay in Ukraine
9. the absence of documents that make it possible to establish the intention of a foreigner or stateless person to leave the territory of Ukraine before the expiration of the visa
10. application of the applicant for the termination of consideration of the visa application

After such decision, the embassy officer makes a note in the passport: “Appealed” (“Звертався”), with the date and gives the refusal decision in which one of the above reasons is noted and certifies with his signature. The provision of more detailed information about the reason for the refusal is not prescribed by the current legislation.

However, in case of refusal to issue visa, do not despair – you have a free right to appeal such decision by submitting a request to the head of the embassy. The term of consideration of this letter is set for 10-30 days.

If you believe that the decision to refuse to issue visa is not legitimate, our lawyer can prepare an appeal letter requesting to reconsider visa application and grant you a visa to Ukraine. With our experience and deep analysis your chances to get a visa to Ukraine will highly increase. In addition, depending on the reason of visa refusal decision our lawyer can contact authorized state authorities in Ukraine in order to get necessary and recommended extra support documents which will prove that you have full right to enter Ukraine.

Have more questions about the Ukraine visa refusal appeal process? Check the link below or contact our lawyer for free initial consultation.

Read more about frequently asked questions regarding appealing visa refusal decision to Ukraine from experienced lawyer and real feedbacks from our clients.

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The cost of legal service is individual and depends on many aspects of the visa refusal case, and amounting from 50 to 200 USD.

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  • Monjur Hossain Sajib

    AR MAX Group very faithful and one of the most trustable law firm company in Ukraine.Thank you so much Advocate Mr Ivan sir.
    They provide me a valuable service with good responses and done my work within given time.when you want any kind of legal information you can try to contact with him.I hope you will be satisfied with his work.Again thank you so much AR MAX GROUP.

    on 26.07.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Добрый вечер, спасибо большое за помощь. Сегодня получили визу. Жена была впечатлена, особенно во время подачи апелляции. Я не был в Египте и она подавала одна. Визовый консул был впечатлен когда начал читать, даже сказал жене это не вы писали 6) но взял заявление. После они сказали подождать 10 дней, никто мне не звонил и вообще мы были не очеь оптимистичны, но сегодня пошли, они посмотрели и сказали давайте паспорт, все в порядке. Решение положительно..

    on 25.07.2019 Reply
  • Sagar Khowaja

    AR MAX Group !! Is one of the most trustable law firm company in Ukraine. Thank you so much Advocate Mr.Ivan..
    They provide me a valuable service with efficient responses and done my work within given time. Due to the service of this company we foreigners feel safe to share legal matters with ARMAX and get it done on time.

    on 24.07.2019 Reply
  • Bonaventure

    Hello My name is Bonaventure. I have lived in odessa for 10 years now. I was denied visa to Ukraine

    on 01.05.2019 Reply
  • Safeeullah

    Hello, this is Safeeullah. My student visa for Ukraine rejected and i want to request an appeal letter, can you please help me with that ? The reason for being rejected is: failure to prove the purpose of the foreigner’s/stateless person’s intended stay in Ukraine, although i have a place to stay in there, so how to appeal the letter and get my visa. Thank you in advance …

    on 24.04.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Please good afternoon. Please I saw your number online and I decided to contact you. My Ukraine study visa has been refused and really want your service to appeal it.

    on 23.04.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Good Day Dear Advocate. I have got a visa rejection of Ukraine, it was a study visa, the objection says that I do not have a valid reason to stay in Ukraine. Although I had submited my admission letter along with. I want to go for an appeal. May I know what are your charges to file an appeal in the court to win a visa? my country is Pakistan

    on 16.04.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    I applied in cairo, egypt for a business trip to ukraine through my company and the documents had ana official invitation letter recieved from our affiliate in kiev and all the documents are completely right , however my rejection reasons is absence of evidence confirming the purpose of the planned stay in Ukraine

    on 11.04.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Good afternoon sir. I got my visa refused and I want to appeal it but I want your assistance

    on 10.04.2019 Reply
  • Mohammed Umar Zeidan

    Good afternoon. Please am called Mohammed Umar Zeidan. I studied medicine in Ukraine and was supposed to write my Krok2 exmas but our school couldn’t write due to some demonstration made by some students And I came back to Ghana to apply for Ukraine visa to come back for study up until now I have been refused on three occasions. Please how may you help me to acquire visa because I need to be in Ukraine be 5th May

    on 08.04.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    I want to find out how to appeal a Ukraine visa refusal for a student. I’m a medical student in my final year, I’m from Ghana . I was denied a visa to return to Ukraine. Can you educate me what to do ? What are my options?

    on 08.04.2019 Reply
  • Ayman

    Hello there. Its ayman from egypt. I have got very strange refusal decision for Ukrainian visa. I have got visa before on my passport , been at Ukraine , didn’t stay over there more than visa period. Never break any rules. Travelling alot abroad. Schengen countries included. The reason of refusal number 8

    on 28.03.2019 Reply
  • Zahra

    I am Somali student who living in Kenya Nairobi , I applied student visa to Ukraine , they give refusal letter

    on 25.03.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Hi My visa refused and I want to appeal Failure to prove the purpose of the foreigner’s / stateless person’s intended stay

    on 20.03.2019 Reply
  • Zahid

    I have been refused by embassy of ukraine can you help me

    on 16.03.2019 Reply
  • Usman

    Good morning i applied visa 3 weeks ago but embassy refused and given the rejection letter i am looking forward your help if you can please let me know thanks

    on 10.03.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    My ukriane visa was rejected so I need an advice on the appealing It’s a student visa. That I do not specify the reason I was going

    on 23.02.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Sir i mail u yesterday About visa appealing I am rejected by embassy pf ukraine yesterday I apply for student visa , I want to be there to become a docter What will be the process for visa appealing , nd fee etc

    on 22.02.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    I have one of friend,the ambassador of Ukraine in Ethiopia I need to know how can I do to prove his visa again They refused his visa

    on 11.02.2019 Reply
  • Shepherd

    Hi, how are you doing? I was a student in Ukraine and overstayed. When I left the country in September 2018 to get anew visa, I didn’t get an entry ban stamp, neither did I get to pay a fine. The official asked me what happened, after explaining why I did not have registration or a Posvidka, he let me go. When I applied for a new visa, at first the embassy approved it. Then it got denied by immigrat

    on 07.02.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    I got visa refusal for Ukraine on 28th January I need to file an appeal on done vasis

    on 30.01.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    My brother applied for study visa in Ukraine , he had Invitation letter from Poltava university of commerce and trade But he wanted to to MBBS , he got refusal on visa with stating that he failed to provide the purpose of stay. He clearly mentioned that he will do a language course from this uni and then move to medical

    on 29.01.2019 Reply
  • Puvanenthirarajah

    Hello sir good evening. My name is puvanenthirarajah. From Sri Lanka. My student visa was refused. That 8th reason.

    on 18.01.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    i am in Pakistan and my father is living in Ukraine from almost 25 to 26 years he is Ukrainen citizen and he totally sponsored my invitation but my visa is refused and now i want to appeal. guide me if you can

    on 16.01.2019 Reply
  • Kingsley

    Hello! My name is Kingsley I need your help to file an appeal form. Am from Ghana. I applied for a D visa for Ukraine. I have work permit.

    on 14.01.2019 Reply
    • Kingsley

      Ivan is s real professional he does good job understand English very polite and easy going he handled my appeal for me in a more professional way and I got the appeal in my favor good job Ivan I shall work with you as my personal lawyer in Ukraine Ivan is a professional who responds almost every mint

      on 07.03.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    I applied for a study visa and was refused visa.. I waa studying in kpi for 3 years and left.. Got an invitation from University and all documents to apply for a new visa but was refused and want to appeal

    on 14.01.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Dobryi nochi! Mogu li c vami svyazatcya za vashevo obslujivanya v sluchae otkaza v vidache vizi dlya student. Spacibo bolchoy za otvet.

    on 10.01.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Hello good morning! My application for visa to Ukraine was denied. Can you please help me to get a visa trough appeal process?

    on 07.01.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    I apply for Ukraine students visa but I was refuse because of #8. AS FAILURE TO PROVE THE PURPOSE OF THE FOREIGNE’S/STATELESS PERSON’S INTENDED STAY IN UKRAINE.

    on 06.01.2019 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Здравствуйте, скажите пожалуйста можно ли через вас открыть визу D для граждана Иордании проживающего в ОАЕ ,2 недели назад подавали на визу был отказ,через какое время можно опять подавать?

    on 30.12.2018 Reply
  • Yousra Salih

    Hello! Please i see on your website to make appeal for refusal visa. I got 2 times refuse and im already student in ukraine. I must have to do new visa because of a broker prevent me to enroll to study master he want to enroll me to the first courses but i have a bachelor. When i return to my country to make new visa i got 2refuses the causes of this decision is number 8

    on 28.12.2018 Reply
  • Jane

    Hello! Greetings! I’m Jane From Nigeria. Ukraine embassy here just refused me visa. Please I need what next to know for appealing.

    on 21.12.2018 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Greetings, I got your number online from this website. However, im contacting you in regards of my visa rejection, if you are the right person let me know. It was number 8, even though I stated clearly when I got interviewed in the Ukranian Embassy the reason for my visit, which was for study.

    on 20.12.2018 Reply
  • Osman Sankoh

    Am Osman Sankoh. I got refusal letter of visa from Ukraine embassy in senegal which they issue to 2 of my brother. And the reason for refusal of visa which is in number 8. On the letter is a wrong or not a good reason because THE EMBASSY SAID MY BROTHER FAIL TO PROVE THEIR STAY IN UKRAINE which is wrong and a bad reason

    on 19.12.2018 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Hi! How are you? I want to file appeal in Ukraine embassy. What is the procedure? My name is zeeshan rasheed and I am from Pakistan i applied for student visa of Ukraine

    on 03.12.2018 Reply
  • Anonymous

    I had refuse visa study. The reason is unknown.

    on 28.11.2018 Reply
  • Andy

    Good evening! Can u help me for appealing ukraine refusal? Today we got refusal. I and my husbnd applied for 1 year language course .

    on 26.11.2018 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Gm… Please I want you to help me out with this.. I applied for a student visa in 30th October 2018 …with all documents intact and was refused with the reason ” Failure to prove the purpose of the foreigner or stateless person’s intended stay in Ukraine.. Meanwhile my Visa application was attached with an official invitation from the University… On my invitation, was indicated preparatory faculty or language course as a pursued program but future specialty was not stated… Please I want to appeal and I need your guidance and also didn’t understand that reason why they based on to refuse me…

    on 22.11.2018 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Goodmorning! I applied for a student visa and I was refused.

    on 15.11.2018 Reply
  • Anonymous

    I have been trying to apply for spouse visa D from Nigeria.. But all my application is been denied… I have all documents complete.. My wife call to embassy and ask why they denie me, embassy say is SBU that denies me

    on 14.11.2018 Reply
  • Reynolds Kwao-Belameh

    Hi! I am Reynolds Kwao-Belameh, a resident and citizen of Ghana. I applied for a Ukrainian study visa because I have gotten admission to V.N. Karazin University to read medicine. But I was refused a visa with the reason being *unsufficient information about reason for travel*. I find that surprising because I attached my invitation letter and bank statement confirming my ability to pay and take care of me while in Ukraine. NB: •the embassy that handled my documents is the office in Senegal. I have to report to school by 14th of November,2018.

    on 11.11.2018 Reply
  • A.Salam

    Hi. My son applied for studies visa from Saudi Arabia but refused. Can you help for letter of appeal? If yes please send us the details of fees etc. Thanks. A.Salam. KSA.

    on 06.11.2018 Reply
  • Anonymous

    Good afternoon! I want to appeal a visa refusal. What do you advise. Ghanaian citizen, applied to embassy in Senegal.

    on 03.11.2018 Reply
  • Mesh

    Hi Dear! Sending u mesh from Pakistan I got my visa refuse from embassy.

    on 31.10.2018 Reply
  • Anonymous

    I need to appeal to a refusal tourist visa to Ukraine so what should I do?

    on 31.10.2018 Reply
  • Femi

    My name is Femi from nigeria. I just got my visa application to ukraine denied 2 days ago and am thinking of making an appeal

    on 26.10.2018 Reply
  • Affum Desmond

    Please I need help on appealing a refusal in visa to Ukraine in Embassy in Dakar in Senegal. I’m from Ghana.

    on 20.10.2018 Reply
  • Kashalja Joel

    Ive applied my visa i needed to come back and defend my project in order to continue my masters i dint have my nostrification so i had to come back and process my visa and go back in return my visa application has been refused with reason no 8

    on 16.10.2018 Reply
  • Georgina

    Please My name is Georgina Oteng Mensah and I got this number from ur website please I have been refused my Ukraine student visa with the reason they don’t know what am going to there meanwhile I have my Invitation letter from the school attached with my documents, please I need your help to appeal on this?

    on 14.09.2018 Reply
  • Bajwa

    My friend in Kharkiv had prepared an invitation for me ealier, I applied for visa but got refused. How can I contact you?

    on 23.08.2018 Reply
  • Rahul Raj

    Hello sir. I am Rahul Raj an Indian studying in Ukraine. I was expelled in my 3rd course and because of that I overstayed in Ukraine after my residence permit was cancelled. I got overstay fine at Kiev airport while returning. I paid the fine and then the authorities told me that now I can apply for visa again and come back to Ukraine. But when I applied for new visa in INDIA, they refused my visa telling me that I am in the list of people who cannot enter Ukraine. Any help regarding this issue? I am in a big problem because of this.

    on 20.08.2018 Reply
    • Rahul Raj

      Very helpful group in legal services. Mr. IVAN is really helpful and knowledgeable person. Removed my entry ban within 2 weeks that too at a very affordable cost. Best legal services group in Ukraine.

      on 19.10.2018 Reply

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