Work visa to Lithuania

for foreigners residing in Ukraine

Package of documents which we provide (or assist to prepare) for applying for work visa to Lithuania:
labor contract and invitaion letter from employer, insurance, proof of sufficient finances, confirmation of legal status in Ukraine, visa application form

Visa validity length:
up to 360 days

Quantity of entrance:

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Working visa in Lithuania for 12 months

allows for 360 days of validity of the visa to work in Lithuania

Registration of a working visa to Lithuania

registration of the complete package of documents + registration + examination at the consulate

Ability to stay in any country in Europe during the duration of the visa = 360 days

– working visa to Lithuania
– do not necessarily know the Lithuanian language;
– official stay in Lithuania for the purpose of work;
– official employment;
– free movement across the territory of the EU in the presence of a working visa to Lithuania;
– A decent level of remuneration.

Getting a Lithuanian Schengen visa can cause some difficulties, so it’s best to entrust this complex and complicated process to professionals. For many years, AR MAX GROUP has been helping citizens with no queues, delays and short-term visas to enter the Schengen area. We are ready to give our help even in cases when representatives of other companies refuse you, saying that “this is impossible!”.

Therefore, regardless of the purpose of the trip, whether it is business, tourist or any other, connected with treatment at resorts or visiting international exhibitions, foreign citizens for entry into the territory of Lithuania must obtain a Schengen visa in Lithuania.

How to obtain a Lithuanian visa and what documents are required for its registration:

Passport. The term of the valid travel document must exceed the term of the planned trip for at least 3 months;
Application for the issuance of the Lithuanian Schengen visa that the applicant draws up on his own. If you need to issue a visa to minor children, the application is signed by parents or legal representatives;
WARNING! The Lithuanian visa application form can now be filled in electronically. If a visa is required for a group of people consisting of more than 5 people, then each applicant must fill out an electronic application.
Color photograph in full size, 3.5×4.5 cm. The photograph must fully correspond to the applicant’s actual appearance and be no more than 1 year old.
Ukrainian passport, a copy of all its pages, which contain information about the applicant. For children who do not have a passport, a copy of the birth certificate is required.
Insurance policy. It is made only for the time of the requested visa. The contract, which indicates the amount of insurance, must provide urgent medical care, all travel costs, in general, pay for everything that may occur with human health during travel. The amount of insurance per person must be at least 30,000 euros.
A document confirming the purpose of your trip to the Republic of Lithuania. Such an instrument may include an invitation from a natural or legal person that was certified by the Lithuanian Migration Service. If, as a document confirming the purpose of your trip, you have any other document, not an invitation, then provide its original.
Consular fee. If the category of persons exempted from this fee.

Registration of a Lithuanian visa through our company will allow you to deprive yourself of all the above-mentioned troubles associated with its receipt. The Lithuanian Schengen visa is issued to all residents of Ukraine, except for those who need a national visa, which gives the right to long-term stay in the country. A transit visa through Lithuania is issued in cases where a person is found in this country by way of travel.